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Brewed by the Pittsburgh Pirates Florida Operations staff in honor of 50 years of spring training in Bradenton, The ultimate baseball weather beer.  Solid gold in color, smooth with medium body.




A super-drinkable IPA that can be sold to beer lovers of all stripes.  Hopped with a mix of Nugget, Cascade, Columbus and Zeus with notes of pineapple and grapefruit, the hops shine throughout while the beer maintains balance.  Characteristics include subtle malt flavor, crisp dryness, and a white foam head.  Designed for daily drinking in Florida, because as natives know, every day is a Summa-day.



CIRCA 1926

Light-bodied, crisp, uber-refreshing American Wheat brewed with tangerine peels and coriander, paying homage to the traditional Belgian style. Circa 1926 is a magical balance of sweet from the malt and tart from the citrus peel – though you’ll never forget you’re drinking beer! This is a warm-weather citrus brew perfect for waterside drinking and seafood eating.




The favorite beer of our German-educated Brewmaster, Jorge Rosabal, Pirata is brewed with noble hops in accordance with Bavarian tradition. It’s a crisp and easy-drinking pilsner that can be paired with anything.