The Recent Evolution of Darwin Brewing Company Part 4

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Brew Blog

The Recent Evolution of Darwin Brewing Company – Part 4 | The Suncoast Post

Welcome to part 4 of our series about the recent evolution of Darwin Brewing Company. With the beer tasting better than ever and an overall new look and feel of the company, it was time to have the packaging reflect that. Labeling is an important marketing tool that provides a way to differentiate a product from others within the marketplace. As consumers scan the cooler to purchase their beverages, the labeling on the package will have an impact on whether they are reaching for a Darwin brand or the competitors. Over the years Darwin’s packaging has had 3 to 4 different looks to them, and they felt it was time to change it up. “We wanted to keep our branding and message consistent with every design that will allow consumers to pinpoint a Darwin can on the shelf,” said Luke Johnson, Sales Director at Darwin Brewing Company.

Max Kelly Design, who had already redesigned the website and other marketing material for Darwin Brewing was brought in to design the packaging. Working on this since the beginning of 2021 and going through numerous designs and ideas Darwin Brewing landed on a look that has a new feel yet projects a retro vibe. A completely new look that took away a lot of the “stuff” going on with the old labels but still has the message and feel they were going for.

For those of you who may be wondering about the iconic Llama Mama can? Not to worry, Darwin stuck with the classic look of the old label but incorporated new design elements to keep the look consistent with the other brands. Summadayze, Circa, and Cyan will all have a completely new look. As Darwin Brewing’s evolution includes expanding their barrel-aging program a new design has been made for that as well beginning with Apparent Motion which will be moving from bottles to a can later this year.

Over the next six to eight months Darwin Brewing Company’s continued evolution will see us moving through their old labels and introducing their new ones. Llama Mama has already arrived at the brewery and will be hitting markets later this month/July. The new Circa and Summadayze cans will be rolling out later this summer with Cyan making its debut in early 2022. The pictures in this article are the first look at the new can labels from Darwin Brewing Company. Even though it feels different the liquid is the same great beer you know and love.